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Monday: Late again,today, he'd be in trouble though he'd say he was sorry

This a selection of my current writing.  Click on a title or picture to find out more.


The Truth About Cancer.

Adult Fiction.

What it says on the cover, told through the experiences of one man and the rest of the world.



Mysterious Ways

Science Fiction

On a distant planet Father Joseph and the Tribe try to come to terms with the modern world.


Mrs. McGinty Meets her Match

Detective Fiction.

Sex crazed, alcoholic, octogenarian crime fighter finally finds a case she cannot solve.



Steam Moon

Steam Punk

“One small step for a man, but a giant leap for the British Empire”.



 Holmes and Watson and the Time Travelling Scientist

Science Fiction/Detective Fiction

When a leading scientist is turned into a baby Dr Holmes and the mysterious Mr Watson investigate.



 A Little Book of Advice. 


Over 100 short poems with simple illustrations giving light hearted advice.



Fetch the Spacedog and other Stories

Children’s Fiction

Very short fiction for very young children



Short Shorts

Short Fiction

Over 100 short stories on a wide variety of themes.


Blue and White Wizards


Poetry and prose on and around by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.



The Gathering

Science Fiction for Young People.

The story of the founding of the greatest team of Players the universe has ever seen.


Next To Godliness

Poetry and Prose

My first ever collection.


These Are the Voyages
The complete text of my 50th Anniversary Project