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I can tell you a story by a man named Lear



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In a universe overseen by the Nova Saps there are no wars.  All conflicts are resolved by staged battles between teams of specially trained Players.  The One Sequence tells the story of the greatest of these teams.  The Awakening details how the team are put together.

Six young adults are plucked from their different time zones.


·         Michael and Sarah are Brawns and have remarkable physical skills.  Michael has enhanced strength and Sarah heightened dexterity.

·         Oliver and Emily are Brains and have remarkable mental skills.  Oliver is a genius and Emily has psi powers

·         Elizabeth and George are Saps.  They are merely human with all the strengths and weaknesses that implies.


Each of them then undergoes a period of training.


·         George wakes up sealed in his bedroom and has to work out how to survive.

·         Elizabeth is abandoned on a distant planet and has to find her way home.

·         Oliver trains with young troops who are willing to give up their lives,

·         Emily is trained as a hunter and the experience makes her a vegetarian.

·         Michael is given an unsolvable equation – and solves it.

·         Sarah is trained in telekinesis and realises the true extent of her powers


The group are introduced to Susie and Edward, two biological supercomputers and the final members of the team.


The team play their first Play.  They lose their first game by underestimating the strength of their opponents. They win the second when Elizabeth uses her telekinesis to boost Oliver’s physical strength.  They win the deciding Play when George advises they poison the water supply


The story is basically a rip roaring adventure.   By having male and female characters based on physicality, intelligence and just plain humanity so every reader will have one character they can relate to.  The story deals with some serious issues (animal rights, patriotism, honour  etc) as well as life, love and the human condition


The basic story has that quality that most best-selling children’s books have.  The lead character lives a normal if slightly run-down life, but is really someone special and has a major place in a hidden world once their talents are recognised.  These books take this to an extra level by presenting six main characters that are chosen so that there is at least one that every reader can relate to.