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There's Klingons on the starboard bow.

 Here are some of my favourite Star Trek Links


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Best of the fan film sites.  High quality production with excellent guest stars.  Has the real feel of Classic Trek.  My reviews are elsewhere on my site.

Official trek website from CBS and it's surprisingly good.  Check out the store for some really odd goods.

Good quality fan site with loads of information and regular updates.

Used to be my favourite site, but random updating and the absence of other sci fi news have let it down.  Also, .the comments have become increasingly negative, but I still have a quick look


Dave's Reviews

I have been re-watching Star Trek and reviewing each episode with a view towards publishing a fiftieth anniversary book.  The 50th Anniversary book is here as a PDF


Memory Alpha

Star Trek Wiki.  Authoritative, Exhaustive.  Everything you wanted know and lots of things you didn't







(That's Klingon for Hairy Trek)



I like Star Trek.


Breathing and eating is quite good as well.

There’s a film called “Free Enterprise”.  It’s a coming of age film about two Star Trek fans.  There’s a line in the film where one of the characters says something along the lines of “What use is it knowing that the original airdate of ‘Plato’s Stepchildren’ is the 12th of January 1966.”

I turned to Christine who was watching it with me and said “It’s not the 12th of January, it’s the 14th of February.”

The character on the screen says something very similar and his friend berates him (somewhat excessively in my opinion) for being king sad of the sad people.

Unfortunately, that person, saddest of the sad, is me when it comes to Trek.

So what is it about me and Star Trek?


Science Fiction

I’ve always been a Science Fiction fan

Can I also prefer Jim and the lads, not this Next Gen or Voyager bollocks (Although I have a soft spot for DS 9).  There’s some classic science fiction in there, great stories, well told within the binding of a fat wiggy bloke and his mate with the pointy ears.

I can't remember the exact quote, but in Wayne’s World, Wayne is talking about his new found love and compares it to Star Trek, saying that you know Next Gen is superb, the best there's ever been, but somehow, classic Star Trek is the Real Thing.



There's a whole complete universe out there and when I'm pissed of with the world I live in, I go and live in theirs for a bit.



There’s something in human beings that makes us want to hoard things.  I guess it’s a natural selection thing, similar to our need to claim territory.  The ape-man who hoarded his nuts (oo…er missus) stood a better chance of passing on his genetic pattern than the monkey who took his nuts when he could get them.

I have all sorts of collectibles.  Models, clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, Jewellery, Posters, Mugs, Cuddly Toys and God knows what else.

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