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These are links to my favourite SWFC sites.  Click the picture for the main site.

Blue and White Wizards

I have written a book of SWFC poetry, some of my favourites can be found here




I can never remember the link to the online ticket store.  I always get it wrong somehow, seats in weird places, paying full price for concessions, forgetting my password.  Anyway I start by clicking here

Clubs official website.

Bit random in itís updating and always tows the party line.


Vital Footballís SWFC page

Only site I've ever posted on and the level of vitriol for a relatively innocuous post was unbelievable.  Very pro site though.


Radio Sheffield

No longer have separate SWFC pages but I regularly use their listen again service for Soccer Heaven and Praise or Grumble



Footie Madís  SWFC pages.

Not the best website, but the message boards are truly fan driven.  Unfortunately this site has been spoiled by an incomprehensible level of advertising

Owlsonline Pages.

Previously the Rival SWFC pages, the message boards a good source of information. Also, some of the funniest posts I've ever read.

The Star

The Sheffield Starís SWFC pages, sometimes has things other sites donít.


Possibly the biggest of the sites, sometimes gets a bit swamped with nonsense.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's SWFC section.  Contains news, match reviews as well as live text from the matches and audio interviews.


Sky Sports

Often the first with breaking news and the video summaries are brill and available about half an hour after the match.

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