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There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
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I like jokes and have a good memory for them.  I've broken these down into three categories.
These are jokes that have make me laugh at some time.  I keep adding to the list whenever I feel like it.  If you've met me in a pub, you've probably heard them.
These jokes require a Yorkshire accent to be able to tell them.  I remember one occasion when I overheard someone without a Yorkshire accent re-telling them after having heard me tell them.  He clearly hadn't understood them and they certainly weren't going to work.  His version of the first came out like this:
"A chap goes into a garage and says 'A can of Castrol GTX please' and the chap behind the bar says 'No, but a goldfish can fart'"
I have to say it has a certain surreal quality that ensures someone will find it funny.
To understand these jokes, you must read them with a Yorkshire accent.
I used to work in a school and began collecting jokes from different subject areas.  I seem to missing some from Humanities and English.  If you've got any, drop me a line.
If anybody has got any jokes to add, please send them here.
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